Arduino Rover 5 stage 2

In my previous post I taked about what I had bought and my basic test to prove how the motors and motor drivers work.

I now needed to get the components mounted on the chassis somehow and come up with a good method to connect them together. I also decided that I wanted an on/off switch to save having to disconnect the battery to power everything down.

My boss found me a electrical mounting board that he uses when building wireless radio sites on the top of hills which is mounted in a large cabinet.

First I glued (using the trusty glue gun) some plastic spaces to the board in the correct positions for the arduino and motor controllers. I also added a real simple power-in block, switch, and power-out block. The aim is to wire up the arduino, and the two motor controllers in to the power-out block in parallel.


Below is my first go at mounting the board on the chassis itself. Note, one screw hole didn’t line up for the chassis but oh well!


Next I added some basic surrounds to hold the battery in place, wired the battery in to my basic switch and also added some various mounts for all of the proximity sensors that I’ve purchased.


Finally, after wiring in the power for the motor controllers and adding a few sensors this is currently what my robot looks like below.



Now I’m waiting on some jumper leads designed for arduino stuff to arrive from Mindkits. Hopefully those arrive on Tuesday!

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